Buy Blue

Buy Blue

This is an interesting post over at Moby Lives. Have you had enough of the current right-wing administration? In an article titled Blue Christmas, Dennis Loy Johnson writes that you can support your politics and buy books for those on your Christmas list at the same time.

“For example, wondering whether to buy books online at or at” asks Johnson. “Does it make the decision easier for you to know that 98% of B&N’s corporate political donations went to the Democrats, while 61% of Amazon’s went to the Republicans?

“Or maybe you’ll be encouraged to get offline entirely and shop at an old–fashioned brick and mortar store upon hearing the news that Borders gave 100% or its donations to Democrats?”

A new Web site,, now tracks the political spending of corporations, and offers alternative locations to buy products for those who support left-leaning causes. “For one thing, Buyblue provides visitors with a list of alternative retailers,” writes Johnson. “And what if an Amazon customer, say, “also wants to lodge a protest at this company he has been supporting for years thinking they espoused progressive values?” There’s information about how to do that, including the e–mail address of Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos.

“And what if Bezos “chooses to respond with Amazon’s customary ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ form letter as a reply”? Information is available about the companies that invest in Amazon, and how to contact them, too. There’s also information about groups gathering to “protest Amazon’s finance of a right wing agenda,” and info about the boycott those groups are planning “in a couple of weeks.””