I ran across this list from Good, who chose the 51 magazines that are the “Smartest, Prettiest, Coolest, Funniest, Most Influential, Most Necessary, Most Important, Most Essential, etc.” In the introduction to the list, Graydon Carter writes “a magazine—like the smart, charming gazette you hold […]

It’s hard to watch as newspapers adjust to current market conditions. Will other forms of trusted journalism fill the void being left by struggling newspapers? A couple of stories shows the continuing drama, both from the New York Times. First, the Philadelphia Inquirer is considering […]

The Christian Science Monitor has a story about private libraries. This sounds rather nice: “The Boston Athenaeum, dating back to 1807, is the country’s largest such institution, with 600,000 volumes (in addition to more than 500 pieces of art) and 5,000 members. Stepping through its […]