Take a look inside one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s final designs, a 7,000-square-foot 1955 house along the Noroton River in New Canaan, Connecticut, called Tirana from this video from Architectual Digest:   “Nature is the only body of God we see.” -Frank Lloyd Wright  

I recently finished How to Be a Stoic by Massimo Pigliucci, which I thought was a very good introduction to the ancient philosophy. Here is his introduction video from TEDx on the same subject:  

I love Apple’s latest holiday ad called “Share Your Gifts.” As the commentators from Ad Week say, the commercial shows that while sharing your work with the world is difficult, it is also vital. “According to the ad’s creators, research has shown that 7 out […]

This post from Big Think offers some clarity, with the help of an ancient Japanese concept, about the idea of what it means to live a fulfilling life. The concept is called Ikigai, a term that according to the post can be interpreted in different […]

Notebooks are making a comeback; there’s something to be said about pen and paper. I prefer Moleskine notebooks, but Field Notes makes an array of notebooks as well. These (from a collection called National Crop Edition) draw their inspiration from promotional notebooks given to American […]

Author and bookstore owner Ann Patchett takes readers on a wonderful tour of her favorite bookstores around the country in this article in the New York Times. I will certainly visit her store in Nashville, Parnassus Books, when I get a chance to travel in […]

This is pretty cool. It’s called Starfield. It’s an art installation by the French art collective Lab212. “It involves a swing, the projection of a star field in front of it and a Microsoft Kinect.” Participants can swing over scenes from the earth, Saturn’s rings, […]