No, it’s Iowa. This is a pretty interesting move made in the magazine publishing world this week. It certainly makes Meredith, a major player in the game, much larger. Corporate headquarters for this magazine powerhouse? Answer: Des Moines. According to reports by Folio, the industry […]

This is an interesting story from the New York Times. Five major journalism schools have set out to raise the status of journalism education to better prepare journalists. I believe the real purupose behind the $6 million project is to raise the status of journalism […]

I didn’t intend this site to be the constant bearer of bad news as it relates to reading, but I can’t help report what I find. We all know the trends. According to a   released this week by the Book Industry Study Group, the […]

“Fortunately, however, the chief damage done will be to the author himself, who thus dishonors his own physical nature; for imperfect though the race is, it still remains so much purer than the stained and distorted reflection of its animalism in Leaves of Grass, that […]

It’s an obvious statement, but the way that we follow the news is changing. Everyone can see this is happening, but for many who work in the traditional media the question is what to do about it. What does it mean for the media whose […]

According to a story written by Associated Press reporter, journalists are more ethical than the average person. "Recent research by Wilkins and Renita Coleman of Louisiana State University may provide some vindication for members of a profession that’s taken a beating in recent years with […]