Peter Berkowitz has some interesting things to say about the power of a liberal education. I have always felt well-served by the professors at the various schools I’ve attended over the years. Yet, this essay has some interesting things to say about secondary education in […]

From Folio magazine: “Custom publishing in the business-to-business space is a stealth moneymaker with revenues growing at about 20 percent annually, which on-par with the rate of growth in online revenues.” The article highlights statistics from a recent study conducted by Veronis Suhler Stevenson, which […]

I think this story in the New York Times hints at the future work world for journalists. It’s about a new internet news site called The Politico, which will cover politics leading into the 2008 presidential election. It’s much like traditional media in that it […]

Here is an interesting conversation surrounding Chris Anderson (editor of Wired) and his initial post he made a couple of weeks ago on “radical transparency.” I like Jeff’s quote about what a magazine should be. “But I do think the truly radical transformation would be […]