Many of our presidents were well-known bibliophiles. Rutherford Hayes enjoyed Emerson. Calvin Coolidge translated Dante’s Inferno from the original Italian. Woodrow Wilson is the only president to have a PhD. And John F. Kennedy is the only Pulitzer Prize winner among presidential authors.These and other […]

On April 26, Bruce Springsteen will release his new CD Devils & Dust. According to reports, it will be a Dual Disc, with the CD content one one side of the disc, and live concert footage on the DVD content on the other side. Here […]

Why haven’t Vanity Fair’s recent issues sold on the newstand as they once have? In a word: men. According to Lia Miller’s recent article in the New York Times, the cover models are to blame. "Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair, blamed the cover […]

I found a new book I want to put on my list to read (which is getting too big these days). It’s called The New New Journalism, and includes interviews with the best writers practicing long-form journalism today. I still have dreams of completing such […]

I recently came across an interesting blog for those who follow the media. It’s called Regret the Error, and it simply tracks all of the errors made by major media outlets across the country. It’s fascinating. It includes links to the correction pages to newspapers, […]

The New York Public Library has put its image database online, free for anyone to view. Here is what they have to say about it. “NYPL Digital Gallery is The New York Public Library’s new image database, developed to provide free and open online access […]

It seems that Sony is no longer alone in making advances in the eBook. Sharp is entering the fray. According to this post at Gizmodo, Sharp has already built a prototype eBook reader with a screen that is only 1mm thick — inside the transparent […]