An interesting new study has been published that adds to what Malcolm Gladwell discusses in his wonderful book, Blink. When you have a tough decision to make, stop thinking about it for awhile. “In a series of studies with shoppers and students, researchers found that […]

Are blogs’ 15 minutes finally coming to an end? London’s Financial Times features a story looking at the rise (and possible fall?) of bloging’s popularity. “At the close of 2002, there were some 15,000 blogs,” writes the Times’ Trevor Butterworth. “By 2005, 56 new blogs […]

I read today that more companies are beginning to add research and development activity in their outsourcing strategies. According to an article in the New York Times, “The first jobs to be moved abroad are typically simple assembly tasks, followed by manufacturing, and later, skilled […]

I just finished a wonderful book, The Ten Faces of Innovation by Tom Kelley, and the following quote stands out. I think it’s good advice. “Don’t wait at the starting line to figure out the whole race. Just get moving and start trying things out. […]

This is an interesting piece of information. It seems a new study has shown that the extra time people spend reading online cuts deeper into time devoted to reading books than it does periodicals. This runs counter to conventional wisdom. Working in magazines, I see […]

This is hardly surprising news. Apple is extending it’s popular iPod brand into the college classroom. According to May Wong, AP technology writer. Apple has been working with six pilot schools for more than a year to help them establish systems whereby students can dowload […]