Have you gone your entire life without reading a book? It seems that many people have. Hester Lacey writes an interesting essay about reading in The Guardian. "But if you don’t love reading, and particularly if you positively dislike it, why should you feel in […]

Ann Bauer’s debut novel, A Wild Ride up the Cupboards, has hit the shelves. Bauer, a senior writer for Minnesota Monthly (a magazine published by the same company where I work, Greenspring Media Group) is a wonderful writer. Congrats Ann. It’s quite an accomplishment. Here […]

“If you’re a Subaru-driving face painter with a jones for Jane Austen, there’s a magazine — actually, three — for you. Bill Dawson of the Star Tribune put together this funny story on just how specific magazine titles can be. Subiesport, Your guide to tuning […]

USA Today has an interesting story about how schools might actually destroy students’ love or reading. Patrick Welsh, an English teacher in Virginia, reports that national reading tests haven’t improved since 1999. "The Pew Research Center’s Internet Project reported that for today’s teenagers, "the Internet […]

I just read a list of upcoming books for the fall compiled by Barnes and Noble. Wow! Where to start? I am interested in almost every one on the list. Highlights include a book by Jonathan Harr (author of A Civil Action) on the search […]

Dava Sobel, one of my favorite writers has a new book coming out on October 11. She is the author of Longitude and Galileo’s Daughter, two books I enjoyed very much. Sobel is such a wonderful writer about history and science, and I can’t wait […]