I’ve got a new book on order, which should arrive next week. It’s called The Evolution of God, written by Robert Wright. Wright is an author who writes about science and culture whose books I’ve enjoyed very much: Nonzero and The Moral Animal in particular. […]

This is certainly taking magazine publishing to a new level. In an age that has magazine publishers looking for a medium more renewable than ink on paper, this publisher has created something more permanent than the page. He published his latest issue as a tattoo–on […]

John McIntyre, copy editor for the Baltimore Sun and former president of the American Copy Editors Society, has created his top 25 rules of editing. These are great. I can certainly relate to number one on his list, McIntyre’s Ratio: The project will require three […]

A recent study conducted by McPheters and Company found that magazines are much better at reaching potential customers. As an advertising vehicle, magazines compete very well with television and the internet. As reported in this research brief from The Center for Media Research: “To find […]