Rachel Donadio has an interesting essay in the current New York Times Book Review that explores a unique American biblio phenomenon: while people continue to read fewer books every year, the number of books being published continues to climb at rather an alarming rate. “A […]

Johnny Bunko trailer from Daniel Pink on Vimeo. This is a promotional video for a new book by Dan Pink, author of one of my favorite books of recent years, A Whole New Mind. I love this video; what a great way to promote a […]

I recently came across this thought-provoking essay about the nature of newpaper journalism today. It’s written by David Simon, a wonderful reporter at the Baltimore Sun and author (It was his literary nonfiction “Homicide” that led to the development of the television show in the […]

Since 1990, more than one quarter of all American newspaper jobs have disappeared. Such is the data included in Eric Alterman’s report in the New Yorker: Out of Print, The life and death of the American Newspaper. “It no longer requires a dystopic imagination to […]