Robert Boyton remains bullish on journalism. In 2005 he published The New New Journalism, which argued that the American long-form journalism was thriving. Pre-Twitter, pre-Facebook, pre-Recession. Was his argument premature? No. There is still room for thriving nonfiction. Part of his optimism is based on […]

George Whitman, founder of the Parisian bookshop Shakespeare and Company, died last week at age 98. Critics say it likely wasn’t the best bookshop in the world, or even Paris for that matter, but Shakespeare and Company was one of the most famous. Two tributes […]

I think Sven Birkerts has it about right: “Writing can’t be planned for or predicted, and when it happens, when the surge begins, it brings a satisfaction like nothing else. There are finer sensualities, sure, and basic emotions that give joy or connection when released, […]