If you are a fan of the film Field of Dreams (or the original story Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella) then you are going to love this story. "Moonlight" Graham is a real character; his story is true. He only made one appearance in the […]

This post is for some of my former editing colleagues. See, I am not the only one who believes that this is a good cover model. There’s a market there: Building for Bananas, Primatologist Shootout. OK, it’s an insider joke. You know who you are. […]

On July 6, Woodward and Bernstein are at it again. Their new book about the Watergate investigation, and working with Deep Throat, will hit the bookstores (You can make a preorder already at Barnes and Noble.) I’m sure it will be good. Here is some […]

Many of you following the news about G+J putting Fast Company up for sale have probably heard the war of words the resulting story in the New York Times set off with Fast Company editor-in-chief John Byrne. The New York Times called Fast Company basically […]

The New York Times reports that the House has blocked a provision of the Patriot Act making it easier for government officials to search what books people buy or read at the library. This has come after about a year of protest by many groups, […]

According to the Associated Press, a recent study places the number of books published in 2004 at 195,000, "a 14 percent jump over the previous year and 72 percent higher than in 1995." A report issued by R.R. Bowker, a New Providence, N.J.-based company that […]