This site is supposed to be about ideas only. With that rule firmly established, I’m about to break it. This is not a site about consumption, but I must point to one Web site that offers the must-haves for readers. Most of you probably have […]

I just read in the New York Times this morning that Anne Fadiman will leave the American Scholar over a budget dispute. It seems that despite the fact that the literary journal has become one of the the country’s best under her watch, a dispute […]

Talk about knowing your audience. To be published July 1, 2004: The Paris Review Book for Planes, Trains, Elevators and Waiting Rooms. Sounds perfect to me. The book includes short stories by such famous authors as V.S. Naipal, Alice Munroe, Philip Roth, and Joyce Carol […]

Is it true? Can the days of turning pages soon be coming to an end? The answer is both yes and no, well sort of. This week Royal Phillips Electronics and Sony Corporation released the first consumer application of E Ink. Yep, you read correctly. […]

Hello everyone, welcome to my site. This is my first foray into personal Web publishing, so we can make our way together. Since I consider myself an avid reader, I wanted to create a site that promoted and cultivated my biblio-habits. I hope to use […]