This has nothing to do with books or reading, but it does deal with journalism. I can’t help but share it. I recently read (on another blog that I admire very much) about how tonight’s broadcast of ABC’s Nightline will not be aired across the […]

This is a story that I like to read. According to the New York Times, it seems that for the first time in 30 years, Harvard is reevaluating its undergraduate curriculum to “concluding that students need more room for broad exploration, a greater familiarity with […]

Here is an interesting site to check out in coming weeks, if you are interesting in Richard Florida’s views about courting the “creative class” ( Florida, the Heinz Professor of Economic Development at Carnegie Mellon and Visiting Scholar at the Brookings Institution published “The Rise […]

Jacques Barzun is one of those scholars that the world of academia will likely never produce again. An historian, and author of thirty books, Barzun is a scholar who is rightly defined as a master of Arts and Letters. I came across his masterpiece “From […]

I just read today that Bill Clinton’s memoirs will be available June 30. I will be interested to see how much detail he gives about what was going on behind the scenes during the impeachment episode. The book, titled “My Life,” is already number one […]

An interesting lead from an April 22 story in the New York Times. “WASHINGTON, April 22 – The Bush administration’s plans for a new caretaker government in Iraq would place severe limits on its sovereignty, including only partial command over its armed forces and no […]

Selling books is a tough business no matter where you are. The New York Times reported that the well-known British bookseller W.H. Smith is in dire straits. The bookstores are located everywhere in Britain, train stations, airports, on every corner. I’ve only been to England […]

It seems like the grown-up male magazine reader is not being served. I just read an article in the New York Times that said a new magazine for the older male will be officially launched May 11 by Rodale, called “BestLife.” (Some copies of the […]

OK, I apologize for being a bad blogger. I promise to add new material on a more regular basis. Here is an interesting piece ( If you want to read what a scathing book review reads like, check it out. It is a book review […]

I like this story. One, I enjoy reading about new magazines. But I also like this story for what it suggests about our country. What is the real America? It’s a tale of two magazines. One is a sunny, rural folksy publication located in Memphis. […]