This is another post about custom publishing. Earlier this month, I wrote about how spending on custom work is on the rise. This post is from an interesting article in Folio magazine’s March 20 issue called, “The Clamor Over Custom”; it describes how custom magazine […]

An Interesting story in the Independent, listing the dozen most important British books that changed the world. There are some greats here. I never thought about it before, but seeing them listed here makes me realize how much British writers have advanced the world’s thinking: […]

The New York Times has an interesting look at the economics of modern magazine publishing. Budget Living is closing its doors. Despite being very popular with its readers (more than 500,000 subscribers) today’s magazine publishing environment did not allow it to survive. “Its demise raises […]

Magazines still find their mark, particularly those created for clients to meet their specific marketing needs. Interesting data from the MPA Custom Publishing Council: “Total custom publishing spending, including production, personnel and distribution was $45.8 billion in 2005, representing a 29 percent increase from last […]

“Scan the headlines of 2005 and one question seems inevitable: Will we recall this as the year when journalism in print began to die?” So begins the Pew Research Center’s study on the state of the news media, released in March. The link to the […]

The Magazine Publishers of America has a nice online campaign highlighting the attributes of reading magazines. Did you know that across all demographics, the top 25 magazines deliver a greater audience than the top 25 television shows? Or that magazine readership grew by 25 percent […]