It seems that Jonathan Franzen’s latest novel is all the rage…even though it hasn’t even been published yet. The New York Times has already published a lengthy review (by Book Review editor Sam Tanenhaus no less), while other publications across the world weigh in as […]

The latest issue of Granta includes an article on Nostalgia. Part of that issue includes this Web-only feature that reprints an old essay called Ribbon of Valour. The discussion about whether new technology is really better didn’t begin with the invention of the Internet. From […]

Preliminary research is showing that people who buy e-readers are actually reading more than they ever have before. This recent article from the Wall Street Journal highlights some of the most recent data. From the story: “A study of 1,200 e-reader owners by Marketing and […]

I know it sounds old school, but I love Tweed–Harris Tweed to be exact. But from what I read in the latest Esquire magazine, Tweed is in again this fall. It goes to show that if you hold onto something long enough, it comes back […]

One of the more fascinating books I’ve read over the past few years regarding the subject of new media is The Economics of Attention: Style and Substance in the Age of Information by Richard Lanham. An emeritis professor of English literature, Lanham looks at today’s […]

Check out this link for a photo collection at Slate called “Remember Reading on Paper?” This photo of James Dean was taken at the Winslow farm in Indiana in 1955. He is reading James Whitcomb Riley. There seems to be so much discussion in the […]

A few months ago, The Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism released its annual study of the media business. As you might guess, it’s bleak. The questions aren’t just about how the media will recover after a (let’s hope) short-term recession, but rather they center […]

This is an older article I recently stumbled upon, but it is a topic of interest: the philosophy of journalism. The article asks why it is difficult to find a philosophy of journalism at college campuses across the country. “Why, at a time of breakneck […]