This has to be my favorite entry into the ongoing debate about whether the Internet and all things digital make us smarter or if they reduce our capacity for deeper thinking. It’s from one of my favorite thinkers and writers, Steven Pinker, who is a […]

Author Clay Shirky writes a good refutation of the idea that the Internet is making us stupid in this article in the Wall Street Journal. “The case for digitally-driven stupidity assumes we’ll fail to integrate digital freedoms into society as well as we integrated literacy. […]

It’s the technophobes versus the technophiles. At least that’s the knee-jerk assessment of the debate between those who praise the latest e-book portable devices and those who say that nothing tops the printed page. Where do you fall? In many ways it can be seen […]

It’s the million-dollar question. Will Apple, the iPad and the iTunes business model save journalism and magazines? It’s uncertain. Whether or not you believe Apple knows something about selling “content” to the public, the debate will need to be discussed by virtually every publishing company […]

Working in magazines, and having just purchased my iPad, I was quick to download the new Wired multimedia magazine iPad app when it was available last week. I love it. It shows what’s possible when thinking beyond the page. It also sounds like they did […]