Here’s a new way to market a book. The Turkmenistan government deemed the latest text written by its leader a sacred text. If the country’s youths read the book three times, says the author, they will enter heaven.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism, affiliated with the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and financed by the Pew Charitable Trusts, has issued its third annual report on the state of American Journalism. According to the New York Times analysis, the study has found […]

It’s been 30 years since Richard Dawkins published his landmark book, The Selfish Gene. I’d highly recommend it. To mark the anniversary, publishers in England are putting out a collection of essays about the subject matter and the author early next week. Here, Steven Pinker, […]

NPR has a good piece about a new book about New Journalism, The Journalists Who Wouldn’t Write Straight. I always find the new journalist’s fascinating. Check out the interview Terry Gross has with author Marc Weingarten. “The book follows the evolution of a new style […]