Recently: Your Life as a Monthly Magazine

Recently: Your Life as a Monthly Magazine

Love magazines? Like to see your life’s experiences in their pages every month? This recent article about a new app called Recently captured my attention.

It’s simple. For a simple monthly fee of $8.99, you can upload a set of your recent photos and have them printed and delivered in a monthly magazine. Davie Pierini writes in Cult of Mac, “There are a number of apps that offer analog products to encourage iPhone photographers to archive their cherished photos before a thief or a hard drive crash wipes out those memories. Many of the apps focus on print services or allow users to design simple photo books.”

Pierini quotes a recent review as well:

“In a world that has slipped all too quickly into a digital world, it excites me to see a concept like this one,” photographer Kevin Dotson wrote in a customer review on Recently’s iTunes page. “I’m an old-school photographer who still likes to actually pick up a photo book with his hands. This app is PERFECT for my desires and needs.”

An app such as this may bring my love of magazines and personal photos together in quite a unique fashion.