One Last List

One Last List

10best184OK, I know, enough with the books of the year lists. But I just stumbled across one more list. The New York Times has just named their ten best books of the year. I think this list comes pretty close. (In fact they listed my choice, Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton.

The List:
Gilead, a novel by Marilynne Robinson

The Master

The Plot Against America, a nove by Phillip Roth

Runaway, a novel by Alice Munro

Snow, a novel by Orhan Pamuk

War Trash, a novel by Ha Jin

Alexander Hamilton, a biography by Ron Chernow

Chronicles Volume I, a memoir by Bob Dylan

Washington’s Crossing, history by David Hackett Fischer

Will in the World, How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare, a biography by Stephen Greenblatt