Are You a Book Addict?

Are You a Book Addict?

Scott Esposito at Conversational Reading has a good post today on his site. I hope he doesn’t mind if I reprint it here. Questions to ask yourself to determine whether you are a book lover:

Do you surreptitiously observe what people are reading on public transit?

Is your stack of TRB books taller than you are?

Have you and your significant other developed a strategy for dealing with duplicate books? (and was developing it roughly equal to the Treaty of Versailles, in terms of complexity and effectiveness?)

When you see a box of moldy books on the side of the road, are you irresistibly drawn to look through it?

Have you ever photocopied all of a book you borrowed from the library?

Are you still sore over the Modern Library’s top 100 books of the 20th century?

Do you read while standing in line?

Honestly now, did the NEA Reading at Risk report make you feel just a little bit good about yourself?

Have you developed, and implemented, your own system of cataloging, labeling, and organizing for your book collection? (and if you haven’t done it yet, does this at least appeal to you as really really cool?)

Do you go on about how the em dash is a dynamic, exciting piece of punctuation?

Do you own a volume of Proust?

Do you consider eBooks the spawn of the devil?

I think I can answer ‘yes’ to most of these questions—all except the em dash (never mind that I just used one in this sentence).