On Monday, the American Society of Magazine Editors announced their pick of the best magazine cover of the past 40 years. Their choice: John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the cover of Rolling Stone. From the New York Times: "The best magazine cover of the […]

When the blogger blogs, can the employer intervene?  That is the question the New York Times asks in an interesting article today. Reporter Tom Zeller’s premise is this: "As the practice of blogging has spread, employees are coming to the realization that corporations, which spend […]

It seems that Sony is no longer alone in making advances in the eBook. Sharp is entering the fray. According to this post at Gizmodo, Sharp has already built a prototype eBook reader with a screen that is only 1mm thick — inside the transparent […]

As any book-lover can tell you, most often the weekly New York Times Book Review or the New York Review of Books is enough to satiate the biblio’s desire for the latest news about books. Publishers know that as long as the writing is top-notch, […]

Here’s a new concept in magazine journalism. “What would you call a magazine with no newsstand sales, just five articles, four ads, and an unknown, very small, number of subscribers?” asks David Carr of the The New York Times. “If you are the publishing arm […]

Scheduled to launch next year, Dame magazine will be edited for “a a growing but somewhat overlooked cadre of independent women who have cash to burn.” Read Folio magazine’s interview, ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Dame,’ with Jennifer Reitman, a 34-year-old former marketing director who is […]

Western Canada, it seems, is making a name for its magazine publishing scene. Publications such as HoBO, Modern Dog and the ultra-glossy zine, Made magazine, have all received life from the burgeoning start-up scene in Vancouver, BC. “All three titles are part of the same […]

It seems that Chicago has a thriving underground magazine publishing or “zine” scene–“self-published magazines. Aimed at the erudite and hip, attention-grabbing local titles from The Baffler to WhiteWalls and TENbyTEN have won small but loyal audiences from New York to Los Angeles and beyond.” This […]

Is it true? Can the days of turning pages soon be coming to an end? The answer is both yes and no, well sort of. This week Royal Phillips Electronics and Sony Corporation released the first consumer application of E Ink. Yep, you read correctly. […]