Twenty-five years ago, a man in New York set aside some old recordings he found in his basement. He finally got around to investigating his find and he discovered that he had rare broadcasts of World War II, including this one made during the D-Day […]

It’s not news that liberals and conservatives have different reading tastes when it come to political books. But research shows that political differences affect the selection of science books as well. According to a study released in Nature Human Behavior found that liberals and conservatives […]

Hafuboti is the work of a self-described “Punk Rock Book Jockey, crafter, ukulele player, do-gooder, TV watcher, pop culture enthusiast, Jim Henson fan, and a lot more.” The site’s creator, Rebecca McCorkindale, is also a Nebraska public librarian. Definitely check her site out. She created […]

You must read the great cover story in the March 2016 Atlantic written by James Fallows. Most Americans believe their country is going to hell, he writes. But after a three-year trip across the country in his single-prop plane, Fallows learned that what has been […]