Working in magazines, and having just purchased my iPad, I was quick to download the new Wired multimedia magazine iPad app when it was available last week. I love it. It shows what’s possible when thinking beyond the page. It also sounds like they did […]

Who says a digital magazine has to look like a printed magazine at all? Even before the much anticipated Apple iPad even hits consumers hands media companies have been hard a work adapting their magazines, newspapers and books for digital distribution. But why does the […]

It seems as if magazines are prepring for the iPad, despite their absence from Steve Job’s presentation. Sport’s Illustrated has unveiled a specific app for the tablet computer, and now Wired has unvelied their plans for the upcoming iPad. If they end up anything like […]

“Apple has finally put to rest the rumors and added the iPad to its mix of products. I’m sure there’s more to come before the iPad is even offered to the public, but as this article asks: Where’s the magazine store? From TUAW: “Sure, there’re […]

This article was published a few weeks ago, but I wanted to draw attention to it because it shows what may be coming soon to the world of magazine publishing. As an Apple fan, I have been reading all of the rumors about the coming […]

I’ve long been a fan of David Levine’s caricatures in the New York Review of Books and other publications. When I first started blogging with another site that I created called Typeface, I wanted to write about books and ideas. I liked his caricatures and […]

“Ad sales are falling, editors are going digital, employing online applications that can increase revenue. But it’s a tough fight against a free Internet.” So says the headline from The Globe and Mail’s wonderful summary article of what’s been going on in the magazine industry […]

Audiobooks are certainly not new, but this has to be. Author David Sedaris has released his latest audiobook, “Live for Your Listening Pleasure,” on vinyl. From the New York Times: “As physical formats and devices have shrunk, revenues for the audiobook industry have grown, since […]

That’s the question posed by this post at the New York Times. How does the new technology change the act of reading? From the New York Times: “Writing and reading — from newspapers to novels, academic reports to gossip magazines — are migrating ever faster […]

This is certainly taking magazine publishing to a new level. In an age that has magazine publishers looking for a medium more renewable than ink on paper, this publisher has created something more permanent than the page. He published his latest issue as a tattoo–on […]