Print is very much alive, writes Clare McDermott at the Content Markting Institute blog. And she highlights nine brands that use magazines as a central piece to their marketing initiatives. “While marketers flood new digital channels and explore the latest amplification strategies,” she writes, “a […]

Tablet has an interesting story written by a “struggling writer” who attends a content marketing conference in Boston. “The future of media is here,” writes Sean Cooper, “and I was there. “The S.W. is here because the roaring fire that was 20th-century nonfiction magazine literature […]

I love this quote from Content Standard’s story: Why Brand Storytelling is the New Marketing: an Interview with Robert McKee: “The way to persuade the buyer is to get their attention with a story, and that is very difficult in this day and age of […]

I like this post at All Things IC. Rachel Miller shows how storytelling has affected three companies. In particular she highlights how sharing human stories at Nationwide UK led them to turn something as boring as pensions into an effecitve communication that led to more […]

"To break through the clutter, brands need to tell remarkable stories that are worth listening to ... and they are becoming the media in the process."

Building brands is about telling stories. And the best story about telling stories is produced by the Content Marketing Institute. It’s called The Story of Content: Rise of the New Marketing. “To break through the clutter, brands need to tell remarkable stories that are worth […]

Journalists will relate to Jacob Silverman’s “confession” in The Baffler about being a writer of sponsored content: The Rest is Advertising. “In case you haven’t heard, journalism is now in perpetual crisis, and conditions are increasingly surreal” he writes. “The fate of the controversialists at […]