“Long-form journalism is the only homegrown American literary form,” writes Virginia Heffernan in this essay in the New York Times. Is “narrative nonfiction” an American artform? The genre has suffered in recent years, due to the economic downturn and the pressure it has placed on […]

Well known for his famous interviewing style on Inside the Actors Studio, James Lipton has always been aware of his persona. He’s also not afraid to make fun of himself; I’m a fan, which is why I like this spoof called Wordliness. (I also drive […]

I love the headlines at this Guardian post: “Reading is overrated. Too many people will have you believe that our very humanity resides in books – and that’s reading a little too much into it.” So is it true? Is reading overrated? Of course I […]

I’m a big fan of Malcom Gladwell’s well-known books. This site (The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator), created by another fan, nonetheless pokes a bit of fun at the author’s well-known style of intellectual journalims. My favorite is Slurp: What Kitten’s Tongues Teach Us About Derivatives. […]