Is editing set to make a comeback? Let’s hope so. From the Atlantic: “The Internet can feel like a jungle, and journalists are in the business of providing paths through the territory. Writers might blaze the trails, but editors maintain the roads.” Alexis Madrigal makes […]

I happened to come across this article recently while browing the Web. I like the line of thinking it presents into the debate about the loss of the printed word–the idea that our personal libraries are a means of mapping our mental journies. The article […]

I recently stumbled across this Web site: Bookshelf Porn. For the bibliophile, it surely is. Each day a new set of bookshelves is highlighted in a collection of photos. Click through this link, and you can see an amazing 3D panoramic shot inside this library.

With all of the recent studies showing how the presence of books in the home is a determinant in how well a child does in school, it’s important that in this Internet age we live in that we don’t forget the importance of our local […]