Elizabeth Royte has a cute article in the New York Times today about the various stages an author goes through when writing a book. Royte is the author of "Garbage Land: On the Secret Trail of Trash" and "The Tapir’s Morning Bath: Mysteries of the […]

On Monday, the American Society of Magazine Editors announced their pick of the best magazine cover of the past 40 years. Their choice: John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the cover of Rolling Stone. From the New York Times: "The best magazine cover of the […]

Any writer can tell you about the famous Strunk and White Elements of Style; It’s a classic. I just learned that a new illustrated version hits the shelves today, published by Penguin, which features illustrations painted by Maira Kalman. The lively paintings breathe life into […]

I guess I am a week late on this, but I understand that Jon Stewart lit into the magazine publishing world during a recent MPA event. His session titled, "Laughing Matters: Magazines Celebrate Humor" made fun of some of the industry’s sacred cows. Funny stuff […]

A co-worker sent this to me this morrning; this is hilarious. What if Nora Ephron directed The Shining instead of Stanley Kubrick? Here’s the trailer. Now I want to see what he would do with a Jerry Bruckheimer film.  

I think this is a good story. A bookstore in Menlo Park that was forced to close in August will soon reopen, thanks to the efforts of a community of readers who hated to see it go. "The store’s closure prompted an outpouring of support […]