This is an interesting and tragic story in Miami. A Miami politician who was outed soliciting prostitutes and laundering money killed himself in the lobby of the Miami Herald. Before doing so, the distraught man called one of the paper’s columnists, a friend of many […]

I just read that George Lucas recently opened new headquarters for his film production company. The new campus is located near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, near where the Presidio used to be. Here is a photo of a new fountain at the […]

I recently came across a song I used to listen to in college. It’s by the Minneapolis band, The Replacements. It’s now stuck in my head. This wonderful ballad can be understood in many different ways. I’ll leave it there. One of my favorite lines […]

It seems that the American public increasingly distrusts the news media and feels that it is "too hard on America."  A recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that people are "overwhelmingly disatisified" with the news. This […]

Judith Miller went to jail today. If you don’t know  the story, she is a New York Times reporter who, according to today’s New York Times story, refused to reveal her confidential source to a grand jury investigating the disclosure of a CIA operative. "If […]