For those fans of the Lord of the Rings films, the wait will soon be over. I just learned that the extended edition of the final film in the trilogy, The Return of the King, will hit the stores December 14. I will admit that […]

The New York Review of Books has an interesting article written by David Cole about the government’s programs to monitor citizens in search of suspicious activity. Its acronym: Total Information Awareness. “In October 2003, Congress voted to end Total Information Awareness (TIA), a Pentagon plan […]

As any book-lover can tell you, most often the weekly New York Times Book Review or the New York Review of Books is enough to satiate the biblio’s desire for the latest news about books. Publishers know that as long as the writing is top-notch, […]

What an exciting event! I joined 30,000 of my fellow Kerry supporters for a rousing rally outside the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis last night. It rarely gets reported in the papers or on television how many people attend these Kerry events, but just look at […]

Last week, the nominees for the prestigious National Book Award were announced from the great state of Minnesota. Among the nominees is Minnesota author Pete Hautman, nominated for his young-adult novel “Godless (Simon & Schuster). “The 20 finalists were announced from the Fitzgerald Theater in […]

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Joseph Ellis has a new book coming out at the end of the month about George Washington. It looks very interesting. Here’s what the publisher has to say about it: “The author of seven highly acclaimed books, Joseph J. Ellis has crafted […]

This is why it is so important that news media ownership be diverse. According to reports, Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of one of the largest television chains in the country, is ordering all of its stations to air an anti-Kerry documentary that accuses the senator […]

It’s sad to report that a magazine that I admired a great deal may be seeing the end of its run. The magazine is called Hope, and it serves to call out those great works of altruistic kindness that some heroes in our communities achieve […]