In this era of “fake news” what media brands remain as trusted sources of news? The University of Missouri recently conducted a survey to find out. Ad Week highlights the results of the questionnaire that reached 9,000 people. Twenty-eight newsrooms asked their audiences to answer […]

Are journalists becoming more sequestered to coastal and metropolitan settings? Why? These are good questions addressed in this post at The Atlantic. “There’s little question the journalistic class has diverged sharply from the country it covers. In 1960, nearly a third of reporters and editors […]

A new report issued by The Pew Research Center reveals some interesting insight into how readers consume and interpret digital news. The Columbia Journalism Review summarizes the report: “By a statistically insignificant margin, the most common way for people to get their news is still […]

"The struggle for academic patronage and the strained conditions of nearly all media properties have led to fewer jobs and fewer venues for substantial writing..."
- The New Republic

There is a really interesting story in The New Republic about writers, literary magazines and the CIA. Patrick Iber writes about the history of the CIA’s attempt to impact culture and ideas. It’s fascinating literary history> “Today’s intellectuals approach their labors in a very different […]

Malcolm Gladwell has a podcast; it’s called Revisionist History. His style of storytelling lends itself to the podcast platform very well. The ten-week show will take a creative look at the past. ““Every week, I’m going to take you back into the past,” says Glad […]

The data tell the story: Newspaper reporter is the worst job of 2015. Jim Romenesko shares CareerCast’s latest survey of the best and worst jobs. Last year, it ranked 199 out of 200, but this year it was at the very bottom of the list. […]

Krista Tippett’s recent guest on her show, On Being, was Marie Howe, the State Poet of New York and instructor at Sarah Lawrence College. It’s a wonderful interview about the power and mystery of poetry. Here she reads a new poem called “Magdelene-The Seven Devils,” […]