The data tell the story: Newspaper reporter is the worst job of 2015. Jim Romenesko shares CareerCast’s latest survey of the best and worst jobs. Last year, it ranked 199 out of 200, but this year it was at the very bottom of the list. […]

Krista Tippett’s recent guest on her show, On Being, was Marie Howe, the State Poet of New York and instructor at Sarah Lawrence College. It’s a wonderful interview about the power and mystery of poetry. Here she reads a new poem called “Magdelene-The Seven Devils,” […]

A recent post at the Atlantic Wire shows that visits to the New York Times homepage fell by half over the past two years. A variety of data shows that readers no longer seek out media, but rather read only what is sent along on […]

The Pew Research Journalism Project released its report of the state of the nation’s news. Part of the in-depth analysis looks at the changing revenue picture of the journalism industry, with this interesting paragraph: “As an industry, news in the U.S. generates roughly $63 billion […]

Reading magazines from the early 1960s can show you not only how life has changed since then, but also how magazines themselves have changed. Laura Vanderkam has an interesting story in City magazine called Journey Through the Checkout Racks that looks at how women’s magazines […]

Columbia University recently released a wonderful report on the state of journalism called Post-industrial Journalism, written by C.W. Anderson, Emily Bell and Clay Shirky. The writers examine the state of the profession today and they highlight opportunities for both individual journalists and journalism institutions. I […]

Jay Rosen asks, “What explains falling confidence in the press?” In the period before Woodward and Berstein, 70 percent of Americans had a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in the news media. Today it’s 44 percent. Why? “What makes it a puzzle is […]